Manchester City v. Liverpool Projections

Manchester City v. Liverpool Projections

This article is part of our Premier League Projections series.

Updated at 2:24 p.m: EDT

Team Projections

Manchester City40.5%24.424.1%

Player Projections


PlayerTeamOppPosDKPriceCPTDK PTsDK FlrMIN
Kevin De BruyneMCILIVMCM11,00016,50018.6813.8890
Phil FodenMCILIVMCM7,20010,80014.219.8190
Trent Alexander-ArnoldLIVMCIDRD8,20012,30013.6310.8790
Gabriel JesusMCILIVFWF8,60012,90013.588.2590
Mohamed SalahLIVMCIFWM/F10,40015,60012.296.9990
Raheem SterlingMCILIVFWM/F8,80013,20011.697.9290
Sadio ManeLIVMCIAMCM/F9,60014,40011.386.9390
Andrew RobertsonLIVMCIDLD5,6008,4008.957.0190
Roberto FirminoLIVMCIFWM/F6,80010,2008.615.5390
Ilkay GundoganMCILIVMCM5,8008,7008.497.3190
Benjamin MendyMCILIVDRD5,0007,5007.506.8890
Jordan HendersonLIVMCIDMCM6,0009,0007.395.7390
Alisson BeckerLIVMCIGKGK5,4008,1007.134.1690
Kyle WalkerMCILIVDLD4,8007,2006.705.3290
Virgil van DijkLIVMCIDCD4,4006,6005.273.7090
Georginio WijnaldumLIVMCIAMCM3,0004,5004.784.0190
Aymeric LaporteMCILIVDCD3,6005,4004.533.7590
Joe GomezLIVMCIDCD3,4005,1004.423.6990
Eric GarciaMCILIVDCD3,2004,8003.032.2590


PlayerTeamOppPosFD PosPricePtsFloorMIN
Kevin De BruyneMCILIVMCMID1522.9416.5690
Phil FodenMCILIVMCMID721.5915.3190
Gabriel JesusMCILIVFWFWD1220.3512.7590
Mohamed SalahLIVMCIFWMID1418.4410.8290
Trent Alexander-ArnoldLIVMCIDRDEF1018.1214.3590
Sadio ManeLIVMCIAMCMID1417.1710.8290
Raheem SterlingMCILIVFWMID1115.7110.1490
Virgil van DijkLIVMCIDCDEF714.8912.4690
Roberto FirminoLIVMCIFWFWD1114.139.8190
Andrew RobertsonLIVMCIDLDEF813.6711.0090
Ilkay GundoganMCILIVMCMID612.4210.7890
Joe GomezLIVMCIDCDEF511.9210.7290
Jordan HendersonLIVMCIDMCMID711.819.5690
Eric GarciaMCILIVDCDEF410.919.6390
Aymeric LaporteMCILIVDCDEF510.689.4090
Benjamin MendyMCILIVDRDEF710.328.3890
Kyle WalkerMCILIVDLDEF610.298.2390
Georginio WijnaldumLIVMCIAMCMID58.237.1090

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