Breakfast Table: Pianowski and Stopa Talk Football

Breakfast Table: Pianowski and Stopa Talk Football

This article is part of our Breakfast Table series.

From: Scott Pianowski
To: Mark Stopa
Sent: Wed, Jan 8, 2014 5:41 pm
Subject: Best NFL Weekend of the Year

It's the last full week of the year, four games and two days in play. Let's try to enjoy it.

Recent history tells us to expect at least one upset in this round, which means the Broncos, Patriots or Seahawks are in trouble (let's excuse the other game from that discussion). Rank your upset potential in order, please.

I guess Andrew Luck has punched his greatness card, not that it's any great secret or surprise. Would he be your first pick in an NFL redraft? Who's more likely to trip up Luck this week, Bill Belichick or Pep Hamilton?

The Broncos and Seahawks both had recent home losses, which I maintain is a good thing. Taste your own blood, push towards self scouting. I also expect the Seahawks to roll this week, but that can wait until my reply.

Should the Niners even be favored? This looks like a Carolina setup to me.

You get the first run. Have a day.

From: Mark Stopa
To: Scott Pianowski
Sent: Wed, Jan 8, 2014 8:16 pm
Subject: Re: Best NFL Weekend of the Year

You're surprised the Panthers are an underdog? Really? I agree no outcome there would be an upset, but I strongly favor the Niners. The way you've ripped on Cam over the years, I can't believe you're buying in now. What do you like about Carolina in this spot?

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