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Steals Leaders – Sporcle Quiz

In this week’s NBA Schedule Considerations article on the site, I highlighted two players that would be good sources of steals this week, Kyle Anderson for the Grizzlies and Mikal Bridges for the Suns. Both players have been pretty proficient in the category to begin with, each averaging 1.4 steals per game, and have four games this week. Moreover, they are starting to get more playing time for their respective teams and doing more with that time. Anderson has 14 steals over his last five games, a pace that would make him the league leader at 2.8 per game. Bridges has been no slouch in his own right, averaging 1.9 steals per game over an eight-game span where he’s been getting 30+ minutes per game.

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Knowing Enough … Update

Because I was traveling to Arizona over the weekend, I didn’t get a chance to update my latest forays into DFS hoops and hockey until now. I’ve had mixed results, more negative than positive, with a significant process fail on one slate and a question raised in game selection.


My last entry was posted on Halloween, and most of the night’s action was already complete by the time I posted, and very little changed after that. My adjustments improved the lineup over the straight up optimizer. So one question in process has already been raised – on nights when I feel strongly about a play or two, do I trust myself enough to go just with my adjusted lineup, or should I have mirror entries and trust the tools too? I’m well short of having enough data to decide that question. Anyhow, between the two sets of entries, I was down $14.20.

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Knowing Enough To Be Dangerous

When it comes to fantasy basketball and fantasy hockey, I know just enough to be dangerous to myself. I’m in one long-running league in each sport. The NBA league – the Snide Rotisserie League – dates back to 1997. I was in law school, and I started the league with my best friend from college, a few other college friends and a few law school buddies. We scored the league by hand and sent out a weekly report called “Snide Remarks,” where we’d comment on the games, about each other, and had recurring themes like the Kevin Johnson Injury of the Week (my favorite – Sega Thumb). Yeah, we were total nerds. Insert your own snide remark here …. It’s a head-to-head points league, starting just six players, both aspects remnants of how long ago we started it. So it’s not very representative of what the majority of the fantasy hoops universe plays.

My hockey league is the PHL (formerly the THL, but renamed after former RotoWire writer and league-mate Dan Pennucci, who suddenly passed away a couple of years ago). It originally was comprised of a bunch of RotoWire guys and LA Times guys, but has since morphed into being mostly RotoWire guys and friends thereof. It’s a keeper league (three players must be kept from each team), and also a unique format – head-to-head, where we play only when the NHL has seven or more games on a given night. So yeah – it’s also unique and not as deep as many of the leagues out there.

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Trending Team of the Week

This week, let’s take a look at some players who have been trending upward over the last couple of weeks.

I’ll highlight one player at each of the five positions who has played well of late and could continue that trend in the coming weeks.

A few quick notes:

  1. While someone like Derrick Favors has excelled recently, he’s benefited from the absence of Rudy Gobert, and his value doesn’t appear sustainable, especially after Gobert returned to action Monday night. The list below does not include players who have seen an obvious bump in production due to an injury.
  2. The players that I will discuss are owned in most formats, so they are not guys you can go running to the waiver wire to pick up. They are players who, if you own, you could try to sell high on. Alternatively, you could try and buy low on these players if you suspect that their owner is not as high on them as they should be.
  3. Finally, I’ll list the players as a team — one player at each position. This way, it is easier to insert them in a position-for-position trade offer.

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Congrats to The Professor! André Snellings joins ESPN

Andre Snellings

The entire RotoWire family would like to congratulate The Professor, André Snellings on his big move to ESPN!

We here at RW have been lucky enough to work with Andrè since 2004, dating back to the annual flag football games in Las Vegas.  His oldest full-length RW article still on the site, believe it or not, is not about basketball.  It was a summer time 2007 team preview of the Cincinnati Bengals (we don’t have articles pre-June-2007 still in our system).  Before that Bengals piece, The Professor owned his weekly Hoops Lab column (here’s an early example).  Dré was a machine!  He cranked out insightful hoops observations weekly from 2005 through the 2013-2014 season, all while supporting a family with a real job.  And when we say “real” job, we mean “really super complicated job that most of didn’t understand”.

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The Weekly Stream

So we are one month into the season, and we are starting to see some consistency in both the teams and the players.
Hitting the waiver-wire is now basically a nightly ritual for at least one of my many teams, and something that causes me endless hours of first-world stress. We can have a look at some streaming options for this week, and hopefully they will help you to rest easy at night.

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