Gary Sanchez
27-Year-Old CatcherC
New York Yankees
2020 Fantasy Outlook
Sanchez had a strong bounce-back season in 2019, recovering the power production that appeared lost for a lot of 2018 while finding some middle ground with his batting average after two radical swings the prior two seasons. He will earn his walks when willing to accept them from pitchers that do not want to challenge him. He will also pile up his strikeouts as the next time he shortens up on a swing will be the first time. His career average exit velocity is an impressive 91 mph and 43% of his batted balls are classified as Hard Hit, and he attempts to generate that outcome with every swing. Sanchez had a .474 expected weighted on base average on contact with the baseball in 2019, which was the highest figure in all of MLB. The risk with Sanchez isn't the production, it is the expectation of production. Unlike some Yankee fans, you can accept him for what he is rather than what he is not. Read Past Outlooks
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