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The Z Files: Flattening the Valuation Curve
9 days ago
Todd Zola considers the impact of a shortened schedule on player valuation and thinks elite pitchers like Gerrit Cole might not take a hit even without the same advantage in innings volume.
The Z Files: Online Auction Tips
17 days ago
Todd Zola offers timely advice on how to run and participate in online auctions and warns that not all draft rooms handle multi-position players like Brian Anderson the same way.
The Z Files: Fallacies of Keeper League Inflation
24 days ago
Todd Zola concludes his review of valuation theory with a look at inflation in keeper leagues, and why it could be a waste of time to calculate the "correct" inflated salary for studs like Ronald Acuna.
The Z Files: The Flaws with Auction Pricing
28 days ago
Todd Zola turns his attention to how projected auction prices can be skewed and explains why it's OK to pay a few extra dollars for an elite option like Jacob deGrom.
The Z Files: Pitching In to Get an Edge
39 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at the kinds of pitchers unduly penalized by standard valuation systems, including hurlers like Domingo German who are set to miss significant time.
The Z Files: Minding the Gaps
44 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down how to properly value players likely to miss time as well as the multi-position players who can help optimize your roster moves, such as Jeff McNeil.
The Z Files: Flaws and Limitations of Valuation Theory
52 days ago
Todd Zola digs into the common methods for projecting value in fantasy baseball and explains why specialists like Mallex Smith may not have their true worth captured.
The Z Files: Applying Component Average Exit Velocity
58 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some players with noteworthy component exit velocities last year, such as Keston Hiura, and uses that data to project a more realistic BABIP for them in 2020.
The Z Files: The Relationship Between HR and Flyball Average Exit Velocity
66 days ago
Todd Zola takes a deep dive into average exit velocity on flyballs and discovers that Gio Urshela's power display last year may not have been fueled by luck after all.
The Z Files: Is Average Exit Velocity on Groundballs Useful?
73 days ago
Todd Zola dives into the weeds on how the average exit velocity on groundballs impacts BABIP while also looking at other factors, such as the elite sprint speed of players like Trea Turner.
The Z Files: The Do's and Don'ts of ADP
80 days ago
Todd Zola examines the best ways to apply ADP to your own draft and advises you to keep league context in mind when considering the high price tag on top prospects like Luis Robert.
The Z Files: 2020 Park Factor Notes
87 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at the changes being made to ballparks and thinks Brandon Belt could get a power boost from the Giants moving in the fences at Oracle Park.
The Z Files: Tips for Projecting Playing Time
94 days ago
Todd Zola shares his tips on how to project playing time and tries to explain why Mike Trout doesn't get downgraded for the games he's missed in recent years.
The Z Files: Top 50 Outfielders, Part Two
99 days ago
Todd Zola finishes his initial outfield rankings and finds a virtual dead heat at the top of the list, with Ronald Acuna Jr. one of the trio of studs in the mix for the No. 1 spot.
The Z Files: Top 50 Outfielders, Part One
108 days ago
Todd Zola delivers the first installment of his top 50 outfielders and isn't too worried about the impact the Rangers' move to a new ballpark will have on Joey Gallo's power.
The Z Files: Top 20 Catcher and Infield Changes
115 days ago
Todd Zola uses a busy start to the Winter Meetings to make some adjustments to his catcher and infield rankings, with Yoan Moncada being one of the beneficiaries.
The Z Files: My Top 20 Shortstops
120 days ago
Todd Zola delivers his initial shortstop rankings and considers whether Trea Turner's speed-heavy profile makes him a riskier first-round pick than players with more power.
The Z Files: My Top 20 Third Basemen
130 days ago
Todd Zola delivers his initial rankings of the top fantasy third basemen and questions whether Matt Chapman will keep improving, or if he's found his level.
The Z Files: My Top 20 Second Basemen (Plus Two)
137 days ago
Todd Zola checks in with his initial rankings at the keystone and wonders how much longer Jose Altuve can remain among the elite at the position.
The Z Files: My Top 20 First Basemen
144 days ago
Todd Zola submits his initial top 20 first basemen and suggests tempering expectations a little for Pete Alonso's sophomore campaign.
The Z Files: My Top 20 Catchers
151 days ago
Todd Zola offers his first set of catcher rankings and wonders how much of a discount the market will place on Salvador Perez after he missed all of 2019.
The Z Files: My Top 20 Starting Pitchers
157 days ago
Todd Zola offers his first look at the top hurlers in his rankings and suggests Jack Flaherty may be ready to join the league's elite on the mound.
The Z Files: Fun With the First Round
165 days ago
Todd Zola looks at the top hitters available in 2020 drafts and wonders if Mookie Betts might be a bargain if he keeps falling out of the top five.
The Z Files: The Two-Headed Monster
171 days ago
Todd Zola reviews his first 2020 draft, selected in partnership with Derek VanRiper, and explains why he's bullish on Yoan Moncada.
The Z Files: Intriguing 2019 Park Factor Notes
179 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some of the park factor fallout from 2019 and tries to figure out how Target Field could suppress power even as Nelson Cruz and the Twins assaulted the single-season homer record.
The Z Files: It's Better To Be Lucky and Good
184 days ago
Todd Zola looks back on his TGFBI-winning roster and notes there was more than luck involved in him drafting breakout players like Cody Bellinger.
The Z Files: Hi, Can I Talk to Derek Please?
191 days ago
Todd Zola takes a look at the options that will be available with the second overall pick in his first draft of 2020, with Christian Yelich on the short list.
The Z Files: Tips for the Final Week
198 days ago
Todd Zola offers some tips for the final week of the fantasy season and recommends loading up on players from teams still in the playoff hunt, such as Jason Heyward and the Cubs.
The Z Files: Ten More Late Season Darts
205 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some last-minute shopping options to boost your fantasy squad and thinks Zack Collins' plate discipline could be an asset down the stretch in formats that value OBP.
The Z Files: A Dozen Darts
212 days ago
Todd Zola suggests some hitters who should see enough playing time in September to help you make a final push, including surprising Orioles catcher Pedro Severino.